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Play Spaces / Military Spaces

Others point out how the current MMO gaming mechanics are uniquely suited to players who have certain management and leadership skills that are acquired from military settings.

I have never been in the military, but have played with many who are. They tend to see each gaming session as another military 'exercise'. They tend to very much want to learn leadership skills, and don't really hide the fact that that is their goal. Military types tend to be the best of group members.. they are very good and understanding the importance of working together (technially and personally). [WoW, M, 41]

I served for a year in the Swiss military and I currently play with a friend who was in the US Navy. I would have to say that those in game that best understand tactics and how a group dynamic works best when everyone does their job are those that have some military experience. Taking orders is not something that comes naturally to most people. [WoW, M, 26]

Yes, I'm currently in the Air Force. Actually, the military made me take the game slightly more seriously from the point of view of a team player. It has made being part of a group easier because I don't question the moves or commands of the leader until after the battle/encounter. [EQ2, M, 22]

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