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In Their Own Words

Tiffany is 37, a student in game design and development in Kentucky. She says that "a lot of people are amazed that I am a female gamer Another thing that seems to amaze people is my goal to finish college with a degree in gaming and get a job doing it. They all think I'm too old to do something like that and I am determined to prove them all wrong!".

Peter is 54, a garage owner who manages a small car repair workshop in Devon, UK. He says his interest in EQ, his first MMO, was "a natural expansion from playing Dungeons & Dragons". He usually feels awkward when he has to explain what these games are all about to non-gamers, but he says he doesn't care anymore - "I enjoy it and that's enough".

"Mausie" is 26. She describes herself as a "severely underemployed part-time student". She's playing Final Fantasy XI currently, but recently got a copy of EQ: Scars of Velious. Her reaction - "I have no idea how such a difficult, unpleasant-looking, and poorly-designed-GUI-having game such as that became known as EverCrack".

Tim is a 25-year-old MBA student from Boston. He's interested in going into the video game industry on the marketing side. He enjoys role-playing - "I always approach the game as a narrative, even if the story isn't explicit".

Claire is 35, a PC technician and digital photo restoration artist from Mountain Home, Idaho. She had lupus for 15 years and was unable to work. She says that "online games gave me a chance of socializing when I was unable to get out. It also gave me something to do to occupy my mind. I think I would've gone nuts without online gaming!".

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