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Life as a Guild Leader

In and Out

One final pain-point that emerged was the difficulty in picking the right people for the guild as well as the difficulty in kicking people out of the guild. Several guild leaders lamented that they oftentimes do not have the resources to screen potential guild members.

Probably the most memorable experience has been inviting ppl to the guild and then very quickly realizing it was a mistake ie the person is annoying, greedy or something like that and then having to deal with the stress of kicking them out or keeping them in.. also had a few similar experiences that were reversed - ie ppl i was very very skeptical about adding because say they had a bad rep as loot hungry turned out to be great and generous best lesson from this is being careful in judging ppl. not to be to quick to judge and also diplomacy in getting rid of ppl is quite a challenge, while maintaining morale. [WoW, M, 34]

The worst of these cases would deliberately use the guild for their own persona gains and had no intention of staying with the guild.

Toughest thing about being a guild leader is when new people come to the guild with a hidden agenda of leaving the guild after they used the guild for their personal gain. This leaves a bad situation in the guild since other people spent their time helping those people out. Best lesson learned is help those in guild that help others. My guild does everything together! [DAoC, M, 40]

I started off with high expectations and slowly got worn down by lack of support and the draining of your time by some members who rarely appreciated your efforts. These members usually added nothing to the guild but demanded both support (assistance in leveling, questing, items, gear, crafting etc) and also constant advice and information. These people either left to join a new guild at some point or would stop playing without any warning and hence made you feel less inclined to help them unless you knew and trusted them. [WoW, M, 33]

And as we've seen already, kicking people out is difficult for many guild leaders because they are uncomfortable with taking on a disciplinary role. But for some players, having someone leave their guild is sometimes an emotional loss.

The toughest thing and at the same time, the most valuable thing was to learn to let go. When it was time for someone to move on to another game or monarchy (by their choice), it was time for me to be gracious and supportive.....difficult things in Asheron's call where my personal status and experience points were directly tied to the number of people playing under me. I knew that when I became monarch but it wasn't often easy. It was the most valuable thing because those actions maintained relationships, which are more important (although less tangible) than experience points. It really is 'just a game' so it was valuable to keep that perspective and not focus on the loss. [WoW, F, 47]

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