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Life as a Guild Leader

Make Rules. Follow Them.

As respondents discussed their difficulties in leading guilds, two important guidelines emerged. First of all, guild leaders highlighted the importance of having ground rules, making people aware of them, and being consistent with those rules.

I learned to NEVER back down from the established rule-set of the guild and to kick out those who will not work within the system we all agreed upon.(even if the system needs changing, people need to follow the established procedure to bring about that change) [EQ2, M, 35]

Be consistent. NEVER deviate from your charter. Never assume that a conflict is a single dimensional issue. Get all the facts and then make your decision. Never jump to conclusions. Always be honest. NEVER show any favoritism. Everyone in the guild is on equal standing with you. [EQ, F, 48]

You can only be consistent if you have pre-established rules. And these narrative suggest that it is this consistency that makes conflict resolution and discipline far easier to deal with.


Secondly, there is only so much one person can do. As a guild grows, it becomes impossible for one person to deal with everything that happens.

I found the toughest thing about being a guild leader was the fact that you are supposed to be 'everywhere' at the same time to help all you members. One way to avoid that is to have 'officers' in the guild who can help you. [Lineage 2, M, 27]

As the following players have learned, guild leaders need to learn to promote trusted guild members to officer roles and delegate duties to them.

Without a doubt, the most difficult and the most crucial thing for any guild leader to do is to find highly qualified and committed officers. Very, very few people have the playtime and the motivation to be able to do everything themselves over an extended period of time. Excellent officers are a must to ensure the longevity of a guild. Every time I've been in a guild that had taken a turn for the worse, it has been because of a lack of quality officers. I think that lesson can transfer to all areas of life as well. If you can find good people who are trustworthy and committed, keeping them around you can enrich your life in ways you've never thought possible. [M, 28]

One of the toughest experiences as a guild leader is to find players in the guild that are dedicated to the game and the guild. Because as a guild leader you need officers to help you run the guild as smooth as possible. Because the guild is the members in the guild. So as a guild leader i need to promote people to officers that help me create an active and fun guild to be a member of. [WoW, M, 35]

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