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Faces of Role-Playing


Drama Queens

It was also interesting to ask players about any tropes or fads in role-played characters they've seen. As I've mentioned before, the Tragic is the most type that is most commonly referred to as overdone and banal. Other players commented that too many players strive for high-strung drama.

Goodness gracious. There are so many fads and cliches in roleplaying, it's extremely frustrating at times. Every character has a dead family. Everyone has a tragic past and wants to get revenge on someone...that is, some vague, nebulous NPC on whom they can never possibly get revenge. [EQ2, F, 37]

I had kept the background pretty 'lo-fi', because it used to annoy me (still does) that everybody had some high strung story involving nobility, treason, blood, sweat and tears for their characters. I wanted mine to be somewhat normal, without a past full of wealth, power and drama. [WoW, M, 33]

AO has its neverending cycle of Clan Heros persecuted by the unremitting corporate evil of OmniTek (which is apparently guilty of killing more people and pets than the black plague, ww2 and smoking all rolled together). [AO, F, 40]

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