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Faces of Role-Playing

Ultra Heroes/Villains

Another character type that is seen as overdone are personas who are described as heroic and valiant to the point of being flawless, or those that are purely evil and without any redeeming qualities or nuances. The ultra hero/villain is frustrating for other players because they are implicitly inflexible character types that typically do not change or develop over time. In other words, they are seen as easy-to-play one-dimensional personas.

A lot of players tend to play absolutes (because they are easier to stay in character) like the ultra-good paladin who never does anything bad or the scheming backstabber who is *always* looking to gain an unfair advantage. Archetypes like these are very transparent. Good characters are more like real people, with grey ethics and morals and compromised values and internal hypocrisy. [Seed Beta, M, 26]

The only difference to me is that some people's characters are very inflexible. Too many people attempt to roleplay the ultimate hero or villain, but refuse to test that theory in combat (generally PvP), so too many egos will exist. [WoW, M, 19]

As another player points out, these ultra-villains typically do not even do a good job of being evil in the first place.

Most people who want to be evil do it in an infuriatingly wannabe way. Right. I'm evil. I will now skulk in the shadows, giggling, sharpening my blades and poking people in the back. This is stupid. True evilness is giving an outward appearance of goodness, and then manipulating things from the backdrop. [WoW, F, 22]

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