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Number of Active Subscriptions

Open-ended responses probing respondents for why they kept largely unplayed subscriptions active brought out a set of distinct reasons.

Social Links

For some players, keeping the account active allowed them to stay in touch with friends or family members who were still active in those games, even though they themselves had moved on to other games.

While I prefer playing SWG, my husband prefers WoW so I keep an account active so we can play together sometimes. [SWG, F, 27]

Waited for SWG to get fixed, but since that never happened I went back to it for the roleplay. I kept WoW because I have many friends that play. DDO same reason. [SWG, M, 35]


Other players were sentimental less about their friends online than for the accumulated hard work and memories that their characters carry with them. For them, canceling the account might mean seeing all that effort disappear.

The time that I've spent building up my character and the equipment that I've gathered prevents me from deleting my account. [M, 23]

Lots of time invested in the toons, have a certain affection for them, something like that for a pet. Even if not active, it is hard to. [WoW, M, 54]

the time commitment is huge, and i don't want to lose all the progress i have made with the game (eqoa: frontiers) because i feel that i may play again. [WoW, M, 15]

I don't want to lose the time invested in the character, I have a awesome bounty hunter in SWG and i have put entirely too much time in the character to have him disappear. [WoW, M, 33]

Subscription Plan

Others were simply waiting for their subscription plans to run out. They had bought long-term subscription plans for the discount that they will not renew in the next cycle.

Waiting for subscription to die on its own ... 3 month payment plan. [WoW, M, 28]

Purchased a 3-month sub, and have 2 months left. [WoW, M, 46]

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