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Number of Active Subscriptions

Just in Case

While some players are keeping their accounts to maintain their past efforts, other players are keeping their accounts in case they may be interested in the game again in the future.

Just in case I want to come back and play full time. [WoW, M, 49]

It's a matter of leaving my options open...If the MMO I am currently playing gets too frustrating, I can easily switch to the other. [SWG, M, 39]

I think I would be wasting my money either way, but I would rather have the option of playing it, and having paid for it, than deactivating time and not having that option. [Lineage 2, F, 18]

Hard to Cancel

Some players note that canceling an account may not be as easy as it seems. Several players noted that in certain instances, canceling may require a phone call.

Just down time, find it difficult to cancel subscriptions - not like a click to unsub, it is a phone call if you do not remember the secret type questions answers. [EQ2, F, 41]

Seems that every time I remember to cancel the account, I'm not near a computer to actually cancel it. Other times I'll remember but procrastinate and tell myself that I'll cancel right after ____. Also, the difficulty of canceling an account greatly comes into play for me. To cancel one of my accounts, I had to call customer service. It took me months to get around to actually calling them. [EQ2, M, 22]

Forgot to Cancel

And finally, a very few players admitted that they had simply forgotten about those active subscriptions until they filled out the survey. You heard it here first. Participating in online surveys by Nick Yee can save you money.

Because I forgot to cancel it :) I had subscriptions to three MMORPGs Dark Age of Camelot, EverQuest2 and World of Warcraft. As I am only playing WoW, I cancelled the DAoC account but forgot to do the EQ2 one. That's now cancelled as well. [WoW, F, 36]

I keep forgetting about it. Will go there right now after this survey to cancel the other account. [WoW, M, 31]


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"You heard it here first. Participating in online surveys by Nick Yee can save you money." - Nick Yee
lol, Nick... that's hilarious ;)

Switching to online surveys with Nick Yee has saved me $400!
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Posted by: Aoikaze on September 2, 2006 8:19 AM

It really depends. Most of my guildmates and friends maintain multiple accounts because there are limited character slots per account. They do it for several reasons:

1. More slots to make new characters
2. Legacy accounts that were given to us my friends who quit. Very useful because they contian high-level characters that we can use for hunting specific monsters/items
3. Game has fixed storage; over the years we acumulated too much junk and need an extra storage
4. Some run 2 computers so loggin in to 2 characters on separate accounts is possible. You can then use 1 character to support the other without actually having to look for a party

Posted by: Piggy on September 3, 2006 7:44 PM

What about things like The all Acesses Plan for SOE?

I have on, and i have 4 of the games they offer, is that 1 or 4?

And do people think that way?

Posted by: Trucegore on September 4, 2006 4:42 PM

I have played EQ and maintained an account for about 5 years; then I tried PlanetSide for about a year, but got bored with PlanetSide (and frustrated with the lag when it was bad), although the play was excellent for a while. I tried SWG for about 3 months and did not like it (too slow moving). I may try one of the WWII MMORPG, but plan to always maintain my EQ account.

Posted by: Joe Pickard on September 5, 2006 9:21 AM
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