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Most Memorable Experience

PvP Achievements

Sometimes, events are memorable not because of collaboration, but because of competition. Several players brought up their PvP experiences, but there were far fewer of these in comparison with memories of team achievements. Of course, as we see in the third narrative, collaboration and competition can occur at the same time.

I was playing as my rogue in World of Warcraft, and had just spirit rezzed, and as such was incapable of putting up a fight. A horde warlock killed me in this weakened state, and I swore revenge. I got back to my corpse, and rezzed, with the warlock nearby. I snuck up to him and sapped him. When that wore off, I sapped him again. When that wore off, he tried to aoe fear, but I wasn't next to him, and then I sapped him again. I spent 10 minutes avoiding his aoes and detection attempts, using every ability I had to keep the warlock completely incapacitated, and to prevent him from running. At the end of those 10 minutes, no longer having res sickness, I massacred him, spat on his corpse, and left. [WoW, M, 22]

The first online MMORPG I played (Last Kingdom) as soon as I was high enough to be pk'd by another player I was, over and over again day in and day out, to the point to where IMO it was probably considered grief play but I didn't know that there was a such thing at the time since I was new to the world of MMORPG's. Any how I hated it so much that I found a secluded place and I literally power leveled myself up past the griefers level so that he was no longer able to kill me, then not to my surprise when I ran past him he tried his hand at his old pk trick again and much to his surprise I was able to turn around and swat him with my sword and actually killed him in return for all the pk'ing he had done to me in the past. It was very enjoyable to finally get revenge. [WoW, F, 30]

This was in DAoC, before the ruin that was Tales of Atlantis. I had finally made it to lvl50 with my scout (my friends had achieved lvl 50 on different days within two weeks) and got my epic gear and enchants. So we went out to hunt other factions. What I got myself into was a war! I did not expect this; a raid on Midgard soil was going on and friendly forces had captured a castle. We joined them and for the next 3 hours we were fighting back and forth between two rival castles, ours and theirs. In the end, some allies that were more experienced in realm vs. realm joined us, organized us and built siege machines. That final launch and capture of the enemy castle is burned in my memory and serves to this day as what a PvP should be; frantic, massive, tactical, and cooperative. [WoW, M, 30]

Solitary Achievements

This is not to say that no players listed solitary achievements as being very memorable, but these were very rare.

I believe my sweetest memory was completing the Coldain Prayer Shawl in EverQuest. This quest took me nearly 18 months to complete and consumed probably 75% of my total assets in EverQuest, perhaps more. [WoW, M, 35]

[The experiences] involve a particularly difficult feat that I pulled off with my character (i.e. one time I was able to defeat two level 60 players in a Battleground by myself at the same time, another time I was able to solo most of the 'Onyxia Quest Chain' in BRD, etc.) - these experiences always give a sense of triumph over insurmountable odds. [WoW, M, 30]

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