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Most Memorable Experience


Narratives related to death were much less common than the two main categories mentioned, but involved interesting aspects of the game in their own right and were brought up by players.

The Memorable Wipe

As Leeroy Jenkins has demonstrated, sometimes an unexpected wipe can be memorable. Pets were common culprits of these experiences.

Another incident that I witnessed over the other half's shoulder was one player's mechanical yeti taking offence at The Baron harming its owner and going to say hello before the group was anywhere near ready. Cue a very small furry animal tanking a very large undead bloke on a horse, a lot of 'WTF' on Skype and another, inevitable, wipe. This has now passed into Guild legend and created a new verb 'to yeti' that is widely used. [WoW, M, 29]

Just last night I was raiding Maraudon with four others and I forgot to dismiss my Imp before we jumped down a cliff and sadly my Imp ran around the long way and pulled about 15 mobs and I quickly Soul Stoned the priest and just waited to die, and for some reason I didn't and all the mobs just ran away from me and I was standing alone over everyone's body. I said 'Why am I still alive' and everyone was just completely dumbfounded. I emoted Maullynt laughs at all of you. He is God. About two seconds later I saw the mobs running back along the cliff towards me and shortly thereafter died. It turns out someone ran away and all the mobs were aggro'd on him leaving me alone. It was one of the funniest moments I have experienced in WoW. [WoW, M, 18]

Guild Death

A few players talked about how their guilds ended.

The one that immediately comes to mind is the ending of my old EverQuest guild. The guild had been floundering for some time and rather than withering away to nothing we decided to disband the guild ourselves and have a little memorial service. All the remaining members met outside of Freeport. Our guild leader made a speech and there was some storytelling of our more memorable exploits. After the disbanding, we had a little bit of friendly PvP in the Freeport Arena then went our separate ways. [WoW, M, 35]

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