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Social Architectures in MMOs

Sets Up Large Social Obligations

Another problem that several respondents pointed out with severe death penalties was the strain it created due to social obligations. Helping with corpse runs usually took more time than many players could spontaneously provide. Whether the outcome was anger at not being helped or being guilt-tripped to go to bed late, there was often some emotional damage left behind.

Quite often actually, it was annoying, because when I was a guild leader and newer/lower level players joined the guild, I often became the 'go-to guy' for corpse retrieval since I was the guild leader. If I said I was busy, there was often passive-aggressive bullshit that would come my way or they'd outright try and guilt trip me into it with lines like 'my old guild leader always helped with corpse retrievals.' [M, 37]

In fact, many relationships were harmed when it was late and some members of a group would log off without helping others to get their corpse. [F, 44]

Risk Aversion

And finally, some players felt that severe death penalties often created a cultural norm of risk aversion, to the point where any true adventure becomes impossible without the perfect team or equipment.

FFS ... it's a GAME. It doesn't NEED to punish you for adventuring a bit too far out of the safety zone, or attempting something that was maybe a bit more than you can handle. After all ... shouldn't a 'hero' be brave enough to TRY something uncertain? [F, 44]

I've had mostly negative experiences with that. I mean that no one wanted to go out fight monsters if the party was not perfect, and people would get very upset if someone died. [F, 26]

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