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Description of Personality Factors

The Dynamics model is part of an elaborate and empirically validated model developed by Edward Murray. It combines the complexity and depth of psychoanalytic theories with the robustness of a modern, empirically-validated personality assessment tool. The Dynamics are underlying motivations that drive an individual. The model does not shoe-horn people in "types". Instead, an individual has a score/loading on each factor to find out what the dominant dynamics are.

Performer: Derives satisfaction from high-energy and thrill-seeking activities. Because Performers derive pleasure from activity, their greatest fear is a sense of emptiness from stagnation or inactivity.

Egoist: Derives satisfaction from self-achievements and improving one's abilities/status. The greatest fear of an Egoist is being worthless and being unable to help himself.

Leader: Derives satisfaction from asserting control over other people. The greatest fear of a Leader is to be subjugated and being in a subservient position.

Manager: Derives satisfaction from order, control and rules. The greatest fear of a Manager is intense shame and guilt from disobeying a rule or losing control.

Theoretician: Derives satisfaction from understanding and mastering a body of knowledge. The greatest fear of a Theoretician is ignorance or irrationality.

Relating: Derives satisfaction from intimate relationships with others. The greatest fear of a Relating individual is not being loved.

Loyalist: Derives satisfaction from allegiance with a group or authority figure. The greatest fear of a Loyalist is autonomy because they get security from being part of a group.

Mediator: Derives satisfaction from keeping peace and maintaining harmony in their relationships and in their surroundings. The greatest fear of a Mediator is an unprincipled or corrupt environment where peace can never be maintained.

Aesthete: Derives satisfaction from connecting with larger cultural or existential issues. The greatest fear of an Aesthere is apathy or emptiness.

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