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Player Personality Profiles

Most of the data that I have presented has been big-picture quantitative differences between age or gender groups. In the most recent survey I collected a large set of personality data from respondents in an attempt to validate and restructure existing models to describe and understand player behavior and preferences. In doing so, I was able to gather fairly in-depth personality profiles of individual players. As I explored these profiles, I realized that they were just as interesting as the large-scale data. Here, I will present several profiles to highlight the different reasons why people play MMORPGs.

Brief Overview of Personality Scales Used

The individual profiles consist of 3 sets of data. The first is a Dynamics model developed by Edward Murray that assesses the motivations that drive an individual. This model bears a similarity to the Enneagram, but the major difference is that this model has been empirically validated. The second set of data is taken from the Big-5 factor model of traits widely accepted among personality psychologists. Traits are overt behaviors, as opposed to the dynamics that motivate these behaviors. And finally, the third set are the 5 motivation factors for why players play MMORPGs, taken from the Facets study. Each factor will be discussed as they appear below, but you may choose to read brief descriptions of each factor before proceeding.

With the Big-5 and the Facets scales, the percentages shown in the graph are the percentile-ranks of the individual's scores within the sample of about 2000 respondents. In other words, a 75% means 25% of the sample scored higher, and 75% scored lower than this individual on this scale. With the Dynamics factors, the percentages shown are the ratios of each factor after the percentile was calculated. In other words, the Performer percentage = (Performer percentile) / (Sum of all percentiles). This is done in accordance with Edward Murray's assessment calculations.

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