Current Issue: Vol. 7-1 (03/09/2009)



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Player Personality Profiles

Let's begin with a profile of a 14 year-old male EQ player.

This individual has the attributes of a stereotypical young teenage male MMORPG player. Looking at the Dynamics factors, the high Performer and Leader scores imply that he derives most of his satisfaction from high-energy activities and asserting control over other people. Maturity changes how people channel their motivations. So immature Leaders may be bullies or tyrants, while mature Leaders provide guiding leadership and inspiration. This player's low Trait scores in Trust, Compliance and Modesty reveal that he is competitive, perhaps confrontational, self-confident and has a general mistrust for others. His high scores in Extraversion and Assertiveness go hand in hand with his high Performer and Leader scores - again a desire to assert himself in social situations. The high Leader score along with low scores in Compliance, Modesty and Trust imply that this player's social assertion is more malevolent and destructive than constructive, and this is reflected in the high Grief score in the Motivation factors. In other words, this individual enjoys tormenting and bullying other players in MMORPGs.

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