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Player Personality Profiles

Here is the profile of a 57 year-old male UO player who plays for very different reasons.

In the Dynamics graph, the high Aesthete score implies a desire to connect with larger cultural or existential issues. Aesthetes may be artists or musicians, or they could be part of a not-for-profit or religious organization. Individuals who have high Manager scores derive satisfaction from order, rules and control. Immature managers oftentimes appear obsessive and stubborn, even fanatical. Mature managers are able to use their organizational and planning abilities constructively. The high Trait score in Duty matches the high Manager score, and we get a sense that this individual has a strong sense of moral obligation and this is the focus of the Manager dynamic - duty arising from a need for order and control is very central to this man's personality. Within the game, it seems to be the Aesthete dynamic that drives the dominant motivation to be immersed in the fantasy world - to be part of a collaborative story, a mutual suspension of disbelief that arises from role-playing heavy crowds.

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