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Elves, Ogres and Drama Queens: Stories of Digital Intrigue and Drama

To take a break from long narratives, here are two gems that capture some of the wonderful surprises in store for us in virtual worlds.

The Mediator

Oh yes, i have been in a few guild-dramas ... like when a friendly clan declares war on you because of a misunderstanding. this resulted in a 5 hour long discussion between the two opposing clan-leaders, their subordinates (each had one) and me ... because the subordinate of the opposing clan was only able to talk English and all the others involved were native German talkers so the discussion was held in German ... and i translated for him on a word for word basis ... for 5 hours ... wow :) That's one memorable moment for me ... [Neocron, M, 26]

Puppet Master

One very strange one was a small guild I was once in that had only 9 people in. There was the Guild Leader, his online wife, and 6 others of varying age and sex besides myself. The guild was a living soap opera of colorful characters constantly in shifting internal alliances with romantic affairs, strong interpersonal conflicts. It was all very intense and wonderful. The guild constantly out raided guilds twice it size. After 5 months I accidentally discovered that the guild was actually me and one person (unknown sex) who was actually 8-boxing (using 8 accounts on eight different computers) all the other members of the guild! At the time it was a shattering experience to me as I had formed deep relationships with several of the 'guildies'. Often I had gone through exhausting emotional effort negotiating peace between two or more feuding members and all that time I as being HAD!!! It had quite an impact on me and I have never looked at a guildie the same since. [EQ, M, 58]

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