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Elves, Ogres and Drama Queens: Stories of Digital Intrigue and Drama

And finally, we'll end on a story involving betrayals, bounties and two guild hall heists.

The Heist

Me and a couple of friends put together a guild. After a while we got a couple people to join us. We had trouble with two people in our guild who said they were brothers. They donated a weapon to the guild. We kicked them out for their behavior and such, and they wanted their weapon back. We told them 'No, its the guilds. You donated it to the guild. Sorry' Him and his brother made a bog deal about it, and we put a bounty on them both. Secretly of course.

About the next day after we kicked them out of the guild, we decided we wanted to decorate the guild to show off our 'Donated weapon.' So we hired someone who decorates houses for other people. Well, we gave her admin, and the next time I logged in I guess she gave some people admin to the guild hall and banned everyone from it. Well I called my friend who was the leader of the guild, he hoped on and gave us admin back. We took a look inside, and everything was gone . But a backpack in the middle of the hall had a little message . 'Thanks for the Weapon back' We then realized it was the two brothers who wanted our weapon back.

Well we got pissed. I know a lot of people in the game, so I was able to find some people who knew them, I told them my story and they showed sympathy. So with some money out of my own pocket book (In Game Money) I was able to locate what they did with the weapon and all the contents of the guild hall . I then gave them a list of what we were missing and some credits 'half now and half later' sort of deal .

About a week and a half later I get word from the person I hired to get the stuff back for us. She said she had everything at such and such location, and she wanted me to deposit the rest of the money to her by via bank (In Game Money ). I did so and we got everything and a little more, witch I was surprised.

The next day I get word from one of the brothers to meet him in the cantina (Bar) in game. So I head over there and he told me that everything in his house was gone, and he blamed our guild for it. I simply told him we only got the weapon back, and the rest was just payment for the person we hired. I refused to give him a name. It turns out he had many people on his admin list to his house, so he couldn't pinpoint anyone who would have done it. I then told him I had a little info about him and his brother that they should know. he tiped me 1 mill (In game money) for the info. I told him Our guild has a bounty placed on you and your brother. Even SOE took our side after the two brothers reported us. Vengeance was ours and no one was able to do a thing about it. [SWG, M 18]


Posted on October 10, 2004 | Comments (9) | TrackBack (0)


I have seen three R/L husband/wife players in my guild divorce because one or the other or both started affairs with people they met in the game, plus there are at least as many more R/L "couples" that broke up and formed new liasons with other players. Almost all of this occuring among players within the guild. A couple people have gone through multiple partners. It is like the worst soap opera you could imagine. Of course, everyone takes sides when these things are revealed and eventually folks quit the guild or quit the game over it.

At first, I was appalled. Now I just assume everyone is doing the cyber thing.

It's not for me, though. I am just here to kill dragons.

Posted by: on October 22, 2004 1:13 PM

I have been through this. An ex girlfriend of mine left me for a man she met in EQ. In the three years we were together I cheated on her with three different women I met in EQ. I have had sexual relationships with 11 different women in the 5+ years I have played, some of whom were married when we met and some of those got caught. It is more than a game for a lot of people/

Posted by: EQ Rodcet Enchanter on October 24, 2004 6:18 PM

Relationships are fraught and fragile things set in the unrealiuty of MU*s (or MMOs) with disastrous and perhaps unforeseen results. Perhaps we think that any game is fundamentally a safe occupation, and there's where our mistake lies. During my stay on one particular MU*, comments along the lines of "These games should carry Govt. health warnings" were genuine and frequent expressions of alarm, either at the amount of time spent playing or the unexpected result of over-emotional 'roleplay' affecting Real Life.

Posted by: Aminaka on December 11, 2004 5:55 AM

Probably the worst thing that can happen to a guild is for an unstable drama queen to be allowed to stay. Over and over I have seen a single player drive people away from guilds with their imagined intrigues. I know if sounds mean, but removing these people quickly is probably the smartest thing a guild leader can do.

Also, online romance is always an issue. Different people have different boundaries and they don't always communicate those well. Some people see the relationship as "real" and the others as just a part of roleplay. This should be established early on and one should always remember that "real life trumps in game every single time".

Posted by: Sychotic1 on March 18, 2005 9:54 AM

When I was a youngin' I joined a guild and formed a relationship with a female woodelf. She was an officer and would rain loot down upon me, which at that time was super great!

Well, as time went on, the relationship eventually crossed over into RL, and next thing I know I'm driving a couple states over to her house. Mile after mile I would get more excited as the antiticipation grew of the 1st face to face to meeting.

So finally I arrive at her house, knock on the door and the door is opened by a middle aged overweight man, and he called me by my in game name, Injektilo.

That's when I knew I had been had. But what the hell, I drove over 18 hours to get here, and he wasn't that bad looking given the circumstances !
I had a good time !!

Posted by: injektilo on April 26, 2005 12:13 AM

I'm not even going into all the details of the worst guild drama I ever endured, but will just say it involved someone who presented herself(himself to start)ingame as a totally different person with some serious RL problems that were false, and then proceeded to announce in an online community, pretending to be "her" parent and sister, that "she" had committed suicide based on being kicked from the guide program. Oh, the outcry, and many non gamers who like to bash MMORPG's were up in arms over the dangers of online games.
It was documented in a story on in October, 2002, and quotes a RL friend of mine who had been "her" friend and helped to expose the hoax. Drama ingame is one thing, but when it spills over into RL to this extent, it gets rather scary. A google search for "Sheyla" and "Everquest" will direct you to the article.

Posted by: Ashlian on June 9, 2005 12:43 PM

i've found that a large problem with online games is that the not exactly older players but more mature players (tending to be 15-30) often have to stop problems caused by litterally and figurativly, children (i've seen some as young as 8 and a member in my guild that is 36 O_o). One of the best things we find though is that if you can find at least one level headed member in a guild and make them the mediator(i do this part time) it helps to free up the guild leaders and officers who are quite frankly held up with larger problems. As for people with RL relationship problems, i've found the easiest apporoach to take was to infact just stay out of it, and when a huge soap opera breaks out it's best to just step back and argue both sides in a manor that shows the + and - of both sides.

If you can show this well enough the problems tend to put themselves out, and if they don't that's when they guild leader (I think) should give the offenders a warning, say you have 1 week to get over your problem or it is out of the guild for you. No problems between just two people should take the whole guild and if people have a problem with an approach like this they probably aren't stable enough to play MMO's like WoW and Everquest

Posted by: ketogen on August 15, 2005 2:05 PM

I found out on my 30th birthday that me wife of 2.5 years and relationship of 7.5 years is distroyed over an MMO because my 25 year old wife left me for a 18 year old high school student from Tulsa Ok. I dont know what the hell happened but I came home from work to have her sit me down and tell me to cancel the house payments and that she wants to not have a family with me but with this 18 yr old high school student. They are going to live with his mom until he finishes high school and then start there family together.


Posted by: Morfius on August 26, 2005 7:17 PM

Some people have issues...which is a massive understatement given some of the circumstances that could arise. Blaming an MMO is not the answer for anything, but rather the people. The internet in general breaks some boundaries regarding social interaction but there will always be those that take chatrooms/facebook/email/MMO's too far despite their RL situation. And of course those that just like to cause trouble.
It does a good job of broadening horizons but lets not blame the wider view for those that took the jump.

Posted by: Lovelace on November 20, 2007 12:15 PM
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