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The Demographics of Role-Playing

Size of Groups

Finally, I was interested to get a sense of how large these role-playing activities were. Overall, about 24% of players have role-played a scene/event with a group of at least 10 players (including themselves). Female players were slightly more likely to have done so than male players.

Overall, it would appear that the majority of players have at point or another tried to role-play (around 60%), but regular role-players consist of a smaller cohort (around 20%). There is a consistent age difference where players in the 12-17 age group are less likely to have role-played, but almost no age difference exists beyond that. Female and male players appear to enjoy role-playing just as much and role-play just as often, but female players are more likely to involve other players into their role-playing (both in their character's stories and the number of people they role-play with at the same time). This gender difference might largely to due to the differing social access points into these games.

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Excellent article! I will note that I have played on several Ultima Online emulated player-shards that have been entirely dedicated to roleplaying, usually referred to as "RP-enforced" or "RP-encouraged". On these only roleplay is allowed, not sure how you'd get to contact a majority of players on them, but I think tapping into that resource might give you the heartiest information on roleplayers! Thanks for all of the work you have done in your research, you truly are an amazing man! :D Keep it up bro!

Posted by: Joseph on June 11, 2006 3:52 PM

A shame I didn't see this while the survey was active, I'd have liked to see the actual questions.

From experience, many players take their view of roleplaying from what happens in Baldur's Gate 2, and interacting with NPCs isn't roleplaying. I am encouraged by the reasonable percentage involved in large groups scenes.

The background check question is just funny: have you ever seen the majority of character background write-ups on MMOs? :s

Posted by: Ravenswing on June 14, 2006 1:57 AM

hey i got a site you guys might enjoy. Its a roleplaying site where you can create a character give him a name a weapon a backstory and so on. then you can create or join another story that other memebers have made so just come and sign up.

Posted by: ogrexci on June 18, 2006 2:20 PM
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