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The "Impossible" Romance

Moment of Truth

These developing emotions then come to a point where the players decide to express their romantic feelings to each other. Most players had fairly detailed descriptions of this part of their relationship.

About 6 months into WoW I met someone who lived in the same state as I and was planning to meet him. My now boyfriend then said 'I don't want you to meet him. I have feelings for you.' I had had feelings for him all along but was too afraid to say anything. When he told me he wanted to be with me I was on cloud nine. I couldn't believe it but was so happy that he felt the same way. [WoW, F, 29]

It was awkward, I believe, because we both figured out that we missed one another. We talked about it the same way we talked about everything else, in game. We were chatting and it came up. We talked about our feelings and what it meant for our current situations, and we were both giddy. The moment was like ... beyond words. Let us say that. [EQ, M, 25]

Cascade of Communication Mediums

This early period in the relationship is often supported by increasingly synchronous and intimate forms of communication (i.e., phone or webcam). The relationship starts to progress via other communication mediums. In other words, most players don't jump from avatar to F2F directly as assumed by some media reports that try to paint these relationships as largely based on fantasy.

I didn't really have much of a surprise when I met him for the first time, I'd seen him in photos, through a webcam, and heard him on the phone for around 6 months straight prior to meeting him. [EQ, F, 34]

No there weren't any surprises, we went on cam, talked over skype and ventrillo, just now we could touch each other as well. [anon]

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