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The "Impossible" Romance

Meeting F2F

These romantic partners were almost always separated by great geographic distances. In fact, in all the 115 responses, no pair of romantic partners were living in the same state. In many cases, romantic partners lived in different countries. Meeting F2F was thus a multi-layered problem for many of these couples. It was likely to have been a significant emotional, time, and financial investment.

The steps were pretty much simple - the topic was brought up, and over the next week or so, a date was decided on. The distances involved were quite large - me living in Norway, and she in Canada. [EQ2, M, 28]

It hasn't been easy, particularly since we were citizens of different countries and one of us (me, because I was interested in moving to Canada and he didn't want to move to the States) had to go through immigration. [WoW, F, 30]

Many players expressed great anxiety and fear as they step foot off the plane or train and were about to see their romantic partner F2F for the first time. The word "intense" was used very often in this section of the open-ended responses.

A month later he flew to Wisconsin to meet me, and it was a wonderful but almost frighteningly intense experience. From the first day that we spent together, we both felt very intensely that we belonged together (though neither of us admitted it until several months later), which was very confusing. [WoW, F, 30]

It was a challenge to work out the logistics of the thing, but ultimately, it was worth it. The first meeting? Well, I spent all day on a plane, got to my final destination exhausted and ready for dinner. When I laid eyes on my future wife, I felt the exhaustion melt away and my hunger remained, but I no longer wanted dinner. [EQ, M, 25]

I spent the flights to her (I had to change planes) in the same nervous and excited state (I was very impatient to get there, the planes seemed to take forever and a day), and I was particularly nervous that fate might intervene and I might be somehow denied entry to the US (I wasn't, of course) Two years after that we're married and living in the UK! :) [WoW, M, 28]

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