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The "Impossible" Romance

Ever After

There were many happy endings from the responses. Many of the couples had relocated to be together geographically, and many indicated plans for marriage or children.

That was five years ago and we are still together, happy, and working on the future. From online start to present day, we've been best friends for nine years now. We still game together, too! [WoW, F, 33]

It has been nearly 5 years and we are still together. I moved from the US to Europe a few years ago and there are no regrets. [EQ2, F, 32]

I am currently living in Sweden with him, and we're getting married in August. After the wedding we'll be moving back to the US because it's easier to support our gaming needs there. [Eve Online, F, 24]

But there were also stories that didn't have happy endings. Among the relationships that ended soon after the F2F meeting, some cited the geographic distance as the primary problem, while others cited problems with "chemistry", and a few described gradual conflicts or personality differences similar to ones that would terminate F2F relationships.

It could have been a very good relationship had we lived closer. That was the only real difference and no, we decided neither of us could move closer together (we each had children). [EQ2, F, 49]

Our relationship ended after about 6 months in a heartbreaking situation for both. He needed more than I could provide online, and I needed someone more stable and less clingy. [WoW, F, 22]

He does not have the stability nor the commitment, to be with one person. I found out he was married 3 times, and 5 kids. And did not pay child support. To this day now 10 years later, he still is not divorced. And still doing the same thing. No, we are not together any longer, 2 years was enough of this roller coaster ride. [EQ2, F, 41]

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