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Lucky Charms

There is also a pervasive item-based superstition regarding drop rates across many MMOs and this is the belief that having certain objects in your inventory will improve the drop rate of rare items. The specific item changes from game to game, but takes the same general form.

In World of Warcraft there are 2 items that are said to bring luck to the owner. These are the 'Rabbit's foot' and the 'Lucky charm'. These items drop off common mobs around the world. There is a group of players that strongly believes that carrying around one or more of these items increase your luck in loot drops. People often use specific events and strokes of luck to prove that they 'work'. I myself don't believe it has any effect at all but still have a 'Rabbit's foot' in my inventory because you never know [WoW, M, 41]

That carrying or owning items who's names implied good luck (Fortune Egg, Millionaire's desk, 4 Leaf Mandragora Bud) would increase drop rates despite no evidence to prove this. I'll admit to doing it myself! [FFXI, F, 25]

In Anarchy Online, some people believed that wearing certain gear was the way to gain certain drops and would spend hours farming gear so that they could farm other gear. [AO, M, 33]

Carrying around in inventory bag a Talisman believing it will bring good luck. [EQ, F, 52]

And again, here we see the interesting behavior where players may not themselves "believe" in the superstition, but they do it anyways because the behavior requires little effort in comparison with the potential gains.

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