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Loaded Dice

Given the prevalence of random rolling systems in many MMOs, it makes sense that players might develop superstitions on what is ostensibly a random number generator. Of course, badly-implemented random number generators (or overly imaginative players) often give the impression of having patterns. One of the most popular superstitions is that you can get rid of your "bad rolls".

I've seen some people in games with loot systems that let you roll (mostly DAOC), they'd do a bunch of random rolls till they get a string of low rolls. This is of course in hopes they'll get a high roll on the important raid loot. [M, 21]

I've seen people roll their dice repeatedly when joining a raid, stopping just after a terrible roll because they were 'getting the bad rolls out'. They weren't kidding. [WoW, M, 31]

A variant of this is waiting till someone else makes a bad roll and then rolling yourself.

When /rolling random 0-100 numbers, if you waited until someone else rolled a low number before rolling your own, you would increase your chances of getting a higher number (variant of the gambler's fallacy). [WoW, M, 31]

Others prefer an order-based method of rolling.

There are a lot of people that have all kinds of theories on rolling random for group loot. Sometimes they want to be first to roll, sometimes second or last. It tends to get funny in groups when people try to roll at the same time since most of them won't say till afterwards that they are trying to roll in a particular order. [WoW, M, 22]

When an item drops, they roll first, or wait until last, or if they anticipate an upcoming item, they roll a few times randomly to 'get the bad rolls out'. (Which usually results in a high roll, which they worry they 'wasted'.) [WoW, M, 34]

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