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Crafting in FFXI

The most interesting superstitions related to crafting actually come from Final Fantasy XI, and it's because the developers have a history of messing with the players.

FFXI's crafting system was particularly ripe for superstitions, because the parts of the system that were verified were wacky enough that anything might have been true (for instance, day of the week definitely affected the rate of successes and high quality synths). [FFXI, F, 23]

Deliberately strange rules like this have spawned an entire legion of crafting superstitions in FFXI.

One of the most persistent superstitions (and for all I know, it might be true) was that facing in certain cardinal directions would affect how your crafting came out. It was the perfect superstition, because it took so little effort to follow that even if it wasn't true, you didn't lose anything by acting as if it was true. [FFXI, F, 23]

Whenever trying to make an item with a particular kind of Crystal, there were rumors that if your character was standing and facing, for example, Southeast with a Wind Crystal, they would be less likely to fail the synthesis and lose the crystal and items. I even once saw an entire investigative guide that said the directions to face were linked to the time of day in-game, and that each crystal had its own favored 'direction' depending on the time of day. [FFXI, F, 22]

Due to FFXI being incredibly coded for hidden effects, moon phase and basically anything that is mutable, there are a lot of these beliefs going around. For instance, I have never seen any proof that the Elemental Staves (there are 8, fire, earth, air, water, light, dark, lightning, and ice) will affect your craft outcome, however I tend to craft with the corresponding staff/crystal im using. There is also substantial (yet without seeing the *actual* code for the game I don't consider it fact) evidence pointing to which direction your facing has an effect on what your crafting. Some players are extraordinarily picky about the time/direction/day/moonphase that they craft certain (expensive) items, some aren't. [FFXI, M, 30]

As a side note, I've never felt so relieved to not be playing an MMO where moonphases are involved. Just imagine the beliefs that might spring up in WoW if that were the case.

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