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Player Life-Cycle

Social Leadership

For others, the knowledge and social connections they have in the game encourage them to take on roles that impact or guide their guild or community. Like the players who are in casual guilds, these players enjoy the socializing, but they see that they themselves can play a role in shaping the social interactions in the game.

In City of Heroes there's a few guilds which exist solely for altruistic purposes, helping other players with regular transportation needs and generally as guides/helpers when asked, and I'm the founder, perhaps leader emeritus of one of the most well known. I never could have foreseen doing that, it just sort of happened gradually, and I do enjoy it. [CoH, M, 34]

Initially I liked to play because I liked interacting with other people to achieve common goals, and I really liked chatting with people and getting to know them. Later on, I started a Guild geared more towards the lower end players so that they had a place where they could learn, etc. So a big part of my enjoyment in game is helping people out, showing them how to do things, etc. [EQ, F, 37]

I'm more social than before, and have taken up leadership positions in my guild, though I'm not the biggest power - I prefer to be the Emminence Gris, the elder statesman, the cooler head, the arbiter and peace-maker, rather than the actual person in charge. My leadership position isn't based upon my playing ability (which is, frankly, pretty damn good), but upon the way I act as glue in the guild, holding things together. I like that, rather a lot. [GW, M, 43]

At first it was just to play a game, meet new people, and learn more about myself. Now my motivations have changed a lot, as I am a two-time guild leader. I have realized thru kalonline, that I am an idealist, and will stick to my core values of honor, kindness and integrity. Those 3 words that are the purpose of any guild I lead. That is my motivation, to not only be an example of honor, but to be a good man, friend, father figure to others, so that they have a model of what kind of person they can be. [KalonOnline, M, 44]

PvP / Competition

And finally, while many low-level characters are afraid of PvP, a moderate degree of game mastery lowers the threshold for engaging in PvP. While many players expressed their own surprise at enjoying PvP, they tended to agree that PvP offered the excitement of a human opponent once the PvE grind lost its thrill. In many games, PvP also tends to be the only thing left for players who have reached the level cap but aren't in a raiding guild.

I would never have considered PvP, but adding the unpredictability of another human to the mix adds thrills and high tense moments. [WoW, M, 45]

When I first started playing Everquest II shortly after it came out (and World of Warcraft only recently), my main motivation for advancement was experiencing new content -- exploration, questing. Now I have high level characters in both games, and my main motivation has shifted to the 'new end game', PvP. [EQ2, M, 29]

PvP has been my greatest surprise. By far my preferred style of multi-player action is co-operative play against a computer opponent, but I've learned to appreciate the adrenaline rush associated with playing against a human opponent, perhaps because every situation is difficult to grasp, and unpredictable compared to encounters with scripted resistance. [WoW, M, 21]

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