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Player Life-Cycle


Some players try to get around the high-level grind by re-rolling a new character as soon as they hit max-level. They want to feel the sense of progress and exploration again, and the closest thing they can do is to create a new character.

In fact, when whatever character I'm playing gets to the level cap, I abandon it and start a new one. Raiding for loot just seems sterile and pointless to me. I just enjoy developing a character and exploring its world. [WoW, F, 50]

Although it has been boring, I've tried to satisfy my need for something new by creating alts, but in the end, the thrill of discovery has gone. [WoW, F, 17]

Now I've played through all the missions at least 3 or 4 times with multiple alts, I've set myself different goals. To finish (get to level 50) with one of each archetype, even the ones I don't like playing. [CoH, M, 37]

Nothing Left to Do

And finally, a very few players make it through all the grinding and much of the raiding, but then find that there isn't anything left in the game to do and they have no desire to re-roll.

The same cities seem so different from the first time you go through them to the hundredth time you ran through it. Now, that I have reached the level cap on two characters at the time being its quite different. Now everything is the same, boring and dull. As I'm finishing up most of my quest and have two epic flying mounts already I am running out of things to do when no one wants to instance. Basically its log on, do something hopefully for a while then raid. Basically I just ran out of places to explore and things to do. [GW, M, 18]

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