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Player Life-Cycle

The Recovery Stage

End-Game Casual

For players who burned out on the grind or the raiding, some are able to find a more casual re-entry into the game. Knowing the situations and guilds that tend to make the game more work than fun, they consciously steer clear of them and make sure that the time they spend in the game is enjoyable rather than stressful.

I'm currently back in a casual guild, with friends, and perfectly content to be there. I don't seek the same kind of personal validation that I had been, I simply enjoy the time I spend playing - and the game is back to being simply a part of my life, not consuming it. [WoW, F, 26]

I still enjoy PvP but now I approach it with a more laid-back attitude. I don't care to have all the best gear as I've accepted the fact that I don't want to put that much time or effort into the game. In doing so, I enjoy the entire game more. [WoW, M, 30]

I totally quit for about 2 months -- the guild took a big loss as other people left as well -- and I have recently started playing again on average 1-2 hours a night just to socialize/quest/BG with the few friends still on-line and see a bit of the expanding content. I no longer feel the need to have epic gear, or be extremely competitive, and have no desire to be in a leadership role. [WoW, M, 25]

I was in a raiding guild, but felt it was so overly serious. Finally, I've joined a guild that I am happy with. They are very tight-knit, have a lot of high level players, all are over 18, and everyone goes out of their way to help others. They also do some endgame, but have no DKP, and raiding is just not the be-all and end-all of their existence. They even have a joke rank called 'linktard'. [WoW, F, 44]

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