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Kids and MMOs


The responses regarding potential benefits to playing online games were coded in a similar way to the responses regarding risks. Below are the benefits that respondents brought up and example responses.

Working in a Diverse Group (53%)

Children learn to interact and work as a team with others from all over the world. [F, 39]

The biggest benefit is learning what other people with very different world views are like and how to work with them. [M, 45]

Problem Solving Skills (25%)

It's more mentally challenging than sitting in front of the TV. [M, 40]

He has to think and follow through with the quest and turn it in. I believe that this helps him with problem-solving and critical thinking skills. [M, 34]

Reading / Writing / Typing (23%)

My son, now 23, learned to touch type thanks to playing Everquest at 15. [M, 50]

My son is learning disabled, I allowed him to play and his reading levels went up and his thought processes increased. [F, 50]

Social / Communication Skills (20%)

Learning to be comfortable not only using computers but also communicating through computers - something I suspect the world will continue to do. [M, 39]

Computer / Internet Literacy (9%)

My children are growing up in a true digital age. They need to be conversant in the online world or risk being left behind as they grow older. [M, 36]

Hand-Eye Coordination (9%)

Skills picked up through playing - hand-eye co-ordination etc. Reflexes. [M, 31]

Understanding of Systems (8%)

It gives him a small sense of economy as he is starting to figure out supply and demand. He will check the auction hall for items and see if he can sell his items at a competitive price. [F, 34]

Learning how to organize and describe simple social and economic systems. How to operate in simple value systems (auction house, resource scarcity, etc) [M, 50]

Leadership Opportunities (7%)

Where else in the entire world can a teenager lead a group of people including adults into accomplishing a common goal? [F, 33]

My youngest at 17 has been the raid leader for most of the guilds he has been associated with in WoW demonstrating his logic and leadership skills nightly. [M, 47]

The remaining benefits were described by 5% or fewer of the respondents and I will list them briefly here:

Math Skills (5%)
Family Time (5%)
Setting Long Term Goals / Deferred Gratification (5%)
Building Imagination and Creativity (4%)
Learning English (from an ESL Standpoint) (3%)
Safe Space for Learning from Mistakes (2%)
Spatial / Map Skills (2%)

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