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Kids and MMOs

Maintain a Balance of Activities

Some parents stressed the importance of balancing a variety of activities in a kid's life. Spending time online and in online games is appropriate as part of a mix of activities the kid is engaged in.

For every hour that they play the game, they have to spend and hour doing some other activity that is physically active (little league, walking the dog, going to the park, etc...) [M, 42]

Be Involved and Stay Involved

Above all, many of the advice parents gave revolved around being involved and staying involved with their kids. And along with this was showing genuine interest in the activities a child is engaged in to maintain an open channel of communication.

Parents need to be involved, engaged and aware of what their teen is doing online just as they need to offline. [F, 39]

Always try to maintain an interest in your child's life, really. Learn about their friends, who they think is cute at school, what happened to them in 3rd period today. If you keep the lines of communication open for the mundane things, they'll feel more comfortable coming to you when a real problem arises. [M, 36]

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