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Kids and MMOs

Learn About the Game

Given that there are many online games currently on the market and the game mechanics in these environments differ, many parents suggested learning about the game (even if only a basic understanding) before allowing kids to play it.

Learn about it yourself, including any outside sites involved or related that the kids might want to access. [F, 44]

Parents should not only 'sit down and try' the game, but learn what the basic unit of time is where something can be accomplished. [F, 33]

While it may seem daunting to non-gaming parents to have to learn about video games, many websites provide this information specifically using a parental perspective. For example, see or

Keep Computers in Public Area

Related to being able to keep an eye on what kids are doing online, many parents keep computers in public areas so that kids can't play alone in their bedrooms.

Computers should be in 'public' spaces in the house. If someone is doing something on the computer that they wouldn't want everyone else to know about, then odds are it isn't a good thing to do. [M, 38]

Put the computers in the room where your family spends most of it's time - NOT IN A PRIVATE BEDROOM. This will help with many issues, not only MMO's. It DOES inconvenience you some, however that is what being a parent means to me - I sacrifice some of my conveniences for the protection of my children. [M, 47]

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