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The High-End Game

It's Not About Hours Played

My first conversation with Talon happened over AIM as he was sitting in front of 3 computers - one of them was logged on to WoW in Azshara waiting for Azuregos to spawn. I later found out that he was defending his master's thesis the next morning. That naturally led me to ask him how many hours he and his guild members put in each week. Talon's response was surprising.

People playing LOTS are no good. Super hardcore people are useless. What happens is they play loads and loads, then they gain lots of items. Then within 8-16 months, they take a look in the mirror and don't like what they see (someone who hasn't left the house for those months) and then they quit. They just plain vanish with all the gear they got.

In fact, Talon specifically tries to avoid recruiting hard-core players for that specific reason. These "burn-out" personalities in fact are looked upon as wasted investments and to be avoided at all costs.

So we're actually very suspicious of people that play too much. Stable people who play enough are the best. It's the best from a purely selfish point of view too - no wasted loot. We had such crash and burn people go through us, fleeing from state to state when debtors were catching up (we lost one hardcore because he had to flee the cops I mean come on).

For Talon, the key was finding people with stable lives and careers but who could "play enough".

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