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The High-End Game

The Tension of Gender

Early on in our email exchange, I sensed that Talon did not favor female members. At first, I felt that this was perhaps due to the clash between the militaristic demands of the guild and the more relationship-oriented play-style of female gamers. When I asked Talon about this, he had an interesting explanation.

Coming from a VERY equal society and a family with a really strong mother in it, I found the whole situation with women strange. Well, women seem to like attachment more in the online environment and for all intents and purposes, an uber guild resembles military more than anything else.

Now there's a reason why military doesn't like relationships in it. The same reason applies to militaristic uberguilds - the suspicions of favouritism etc., not to mention women practically always aim for the top. This is not a critique as such. I mean it's quite understandable. In a healthy guild, the most charismatic, outgoing and smart people are leaders. I sure as hell would prefer them.

So the reason why Talon is hesitant on recruiting female members is because it inevitably leads to romantic tension in the guild.

They start wanting "protection" from whoever they're with. So typical of me to get tells like "she thinks you're being mean, and I agree with her (yeah sure you do)". Just made me sigh every time. Frankly, I prefer people who don't do that. Male students are the best.

It's important to make clear that Talon isn't presenting a sexist position. It's not the case that women are inferior players or can't function in a militaristic guild, but that when you have men and women in the same guild certain interactions become highly likely. And that dynamic has as much to do with the men as it does with the women. [see comments below on sexism]

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