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The High-End Game


Talon isolated discipline as the most important factor in the success of a high-end guild. As he put it,

If I said something, people needed to do it instantly and they did. You never argued, especially on raids. Like I said, the organization was military style. To be successful you have to be organized.

I pushed Talon on whether he perceived the guild structure as largely dictatorial. He reframed the issue in an interesting way.

Yes and no. We did vote on everything. Loot distribution was communistic really. Points were [given] for time spent but the guild leader got same amount of points per time as the newest recruit. So dictatorial like, say, a US military unit in a war, cut off from communications. If shit hits the fan, yes, they WILL follow the commands of the captain, but mostly because they know that if they don't act in a cohesive fashion, they will lose. In other words, the power is given democratically, but wielded in a dictatorial way.

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