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The High-End Game

Common Goal

Talon noted that having a common goal was also crucial to the success of the guild. When I asked him what that common goal was, his answer was simple - "To be the best". And here, what Talon meant was distinctively different from the achievement-oriented motivations I was used to.

I mean to be realistic I'm a nobody in the greater scheme of things. No matter how good gear I have, people still won't know. If I paint out some magelo or whatever, it's meaningless really, but what people DO know are the guilds - "oh shit, the guild that first killed Ragnaros / Onyxia / Quarm / whatever".

And this was the common goal - not "to be the best" per se, but "to be part of the best". And in fact, individuality is subservient to this overriding goal. When Talon first mentioned that "sharing accounts is the norm", I was intrigued. He then explained that it "allows for flexibility in time". I was still confused and it was only when this practice of sharing accounts was framed under the notion of a common goal that it made sense to me.

They do not mind at all playing other characters. Their own character is nearly meaningless.

Talon and his guild members all shared in the common goal of advancing the interests of the guild. All individual interests were subservient to this goal. This was what made account sharing the norm. A character was merely the means to advance the interests of the guild. The primary attachment was not to the character you played, but to the guild you are a part of.

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