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In Their Own Words: The Immersion Component


A related motivation is social role-playing - sharing the story of your character with the stories of others in a structured way.

A web of friends and friends of friends, we often come up with a concept and build a small team of coordinated characters and costumes and play together in character. Often this will last only a week or two, but usually at least one player becomes enamored of a particular concept and keeps playing, even as the group will move on. This is in addition to playing our mains. All my cross gender characters come from this setup. I do have character concept for every character, and they do act differently, according to their nature. I generally have a set of characteristics I decide at character generation. In COH it involves which Hero to initially visit, which travel power to take, whether the character dances or not, rp social style, etc. [CoH, M, 50]

We created a clan named 'The Party', and we roleplayed this silly mix of communist/totalitarian/fascist regime, we talked about how we must do 'Father's' bidding, and it was quite fun. We killed members of our own faction who were not part of 'The Party' citing them as unloyal and guilty of putting The Party in jeopardy. It was a laugh and we ended up getting fairly organized and powerful. Before the coming of The Party, the faction was full of in-fighting anyway. [WoW, M, 19]

If I didn't roleplay, I probably wouldn't still be playing UO. RP has been the chief source of enjoyment for the last two years. My main character isn't really too much different from me, but the world is very different, and RP really sucks you in. It's very seductive. I know a lot of RPers who have had problems during their lives - physical illness, depression, family troubles - and in-depth roleplay is very good way of not dealing with the real world for a while. It's as dangerous and addictive as any drug, in all honesty. But I enjoy it, so I will continue to do it. [UO, F, 37]

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