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Ashraf Ahmed : real-world context can be inserted into a virtual world, effectively turning the virtual world into a forum for real-world contexts. ... [go]

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In Their Own Words: The Immersion Component


We see the same notion of exploration and discovery in other players but focused on non-geographical elements of the game. For example, centered on quests, NPCs or obscure knowledge.

I like to search every corner and stairwell. I greet every NPC that I can. I read the text for the quest givers. I try to start and finish every quest available to me at a given level. I voraciously gather knowledge, tips, facts, and seek to unlock that which no one has found to date. I take my time when others rush through. I like to cover as much of an area as possible. My inquisitive nature has earned me several deaths, but you can never know what lurks around the corner! I have spent up to an hour just running around, looking, observing, noticing, collecting, harvesting. A bit neurotic? I wholeheartedly agree. [EQ2, F, 25]

I enjoy finding the 'easter eggs' in a game. Recently on WoW I was in Booty Bay and was checking out the rings one of the vendors was selling, I had to replace my keyboard because I sprayed coke all over the damn thing when I read the descriptions. For instance one was for a cubic zirconia gem, and it said 'Trust us, she'll know'. The other was for a 'tiny diamond ring' and the write up said something like, 'Hey, at least it's a diamond'. [WoW, M, 26]

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