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Does Horde PWN Alliance in PvP? A Baker's Dozen of Possible Reasons

The Underdog Mentality

Another interesting explanation that several players mentioned was that the Horde fights harder because they typically are the minority, the underdog. While this explanation also hinges on the population imbalance, the reasoning is psychological rather than functional (i.e., shorter queue times).

Alliance outnumber Horde 4:1 thus Horde are used to being the underdogs and fight twice as hard. [M, 36]

Last time I checked I believe the Alliance population was MUCH larger than Horde. I almost think that it's almost forced the Horde players to focus more on teamwork and skill if they want to win. [WoW, M, 21]

I think the cause of this is because, population wise, Horde players tend to be outnumbered by Alliance players. So, Horde players tend to learn early on the value to assisting each other and working as a team. [WoW, M, 32]

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

The final explanation argues that the observed pattern is merely the consequences of a widely-held myth that has come true over time due to a self-fulfilling prophecy. As we saw earlier, some players pointed out that this is a case of an assumption snowballing into a perceived fact.

I don't think this is true, personally. I suspect it's an opinion that's gained momentum as a perceived fact, regardless of any truth behind it. [WoW, M, 39]

But given that so many players believe in this stereotype, the assumption in and of itself may cause performance differences over time. If Alliance players who enjoy PvPing perceive the Horde as being better at PvP (regardless of what the underlying reason is), then they may decide to re-roll as Horde.

Now that the pattern seems to be firmly in place, many Alliance characters that are half decent get frustrated with always losing and so switch to Horde, thus reinforcing the existing imbalance. [WoW, M, 30]

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