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Does Horde PWN Alliance in PvP? A Baker's Dozen of Possible Reasons

Shamans vs. Paladins

Another thorny subject was the comparison of Shamans and Paladins (Horde have exclusive access to the former, while Alliance have exclusive access to the latter, but the expansion will change this). People who brought the two classes up tended to agree that Shamans are better suited for PvP encounters because of their burst damage and totem abilities, while the defensive abilities of the Paladin are less suited (except perhaps in WSG).

The other primary difference in PvP play is that offensive capability matters more than defense. The unique Horde class, the shaman, is far more offensively focused than the unique Alliance class, the paladin. The key to tactical PvP is to impair as many of the enemy as possible, and AoE effects like the Earthbind Totem are big guns. [WoW, F, 26]

Paladins are tank/heal hybrids which cant dish out damage on regular basis, can't tank because in pvp there are no collision zones and paladins don't have taunt abilities, and even if they did, these don't work on player characters. Paladins regularly refuse to heal but instead completely specialize on damage. On the other hand shamans are designed as dps/heal hybrids which can dish out TREMENDOUS damage on 3 targets (chain lightning) , drop area of effect movement speed reducing totems and heal their team members while at the same time hitting with their axes for quite high damage. [WoW, M, 27]

Some players, however, did point out that they felt the Shaman/Paladin issue was overstated. Yet even in these cases, they agreed that Shamans tend to be more effective in PvP due to other related factors.

To a much much lesser, but still probably noticeable extent, shamans are more pvp-friendly than paladin. While the skilled shaman and the skilled paladin are probably equally good in pvp, the key word is skilled. The unskilled shaman is many times more effective in pvp than the unskilled paladin. [WoW, F, 23]

So many people cry about Shamans, but we on Horde side thought the Paladin a much greater support and group class then the Shaman. And to this day, I still agree this, having played both factions and currently playing the alliance faction, I still think that Paladins are greater then Shamans when they do their job in an organized group. [WoW, M, 19]

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