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Does Horde PWN Alliance in PvP? A Baker's Dozen of Possible Reasons

Horde Attracts Hard-Core / Competitive Players

Others point out the flip-side of the equation - that players who choose Horde are likely to be more competitive and PvP-minded. Some respondents also argued that Horde players tend to be more serious while Alliance players tend to be more casual, and that these differences lead to differing BG performance.

Horde are the fighters, the 'hard' side, the underdogs, the tough ones. Alliance are the Elves, the 'pretty' ones, the side that most female players head towards. This leads to a more hardcore mentality on the Horde side and thus better BG play styles. [EO, M, 36]

My coworkers and I discussed it over the water cooler and developed a theory for a Horde personality that leads certain types of gamers to play Horde... and those gamers just happen to be better at and more inclined towards pvp. [WoW, F, 23]

The alliance portion of the game is admittedly easier to play by consensus of both players and designers. As such the alliance tends to draw a more casual gamer crowd who don't immerse themselves into the finer points of play as much as a 'hardcore' gamer. Thus when taking on more intensive tasks (especially bg's) horde players bring more developed skill sets to the table such as the ability to follow orders and how to most effectively play their class. [WoW, M, 26]

Related to this, some players argued that the Horde character models play to and attract a more competitive mentality.

Alliance is pretty. Horde is fierce. Players with that type of 'fierce' mindset are more prone to wanting to dominate other players, rather than just some computer-controlled mobs. [M, 17]

People choose horde are typically more aggressive players and the horde models match the appearance of aggression better then alliance does. [WoW, M, 23]

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