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Does Horde PWN Alliance in PvP? A Baker's Dozen of Possible Reasons

Location. Location. Location.

And finally, some players brought up location or geographical explanations for the Horde/Alliance differences in PvP. Most of these centered on the layout of AV. The interesting thing was that there was very little consensus as to which side actually has an advantage.

AV, 3 different servers now, alliance almost always wins, regardless of organization. I believe the biggest reason for this is the differences in the sides of the map. The biggest one being the bridge choke point the horde has to deal with when attacking the alliance base. [WoW, M, 25]

The alliance are at a distinct disadvantage in AV. Not only can Horde get to Snowfall and cap there before the alliance can, it is also easier for them to get to the wolves for the wolf rider quests than it is for alliance to get to the rams. [WoW, M, 30]

In Alterac Valley, this might be due to the geographical advantage the Horde has at defending [offensive graveyards], there is no backdoor into most Alliance graveyards (SH can be taken from south and west, SP can be jumped from the back and assaulted from the south) (IB can only be taken from the east, FW is in an open field and hard to defend if you don't have people respawning next to it). [WoW, M, 17]

This makes me agree with what some posts on the WoW forums point out - that these geographical differences end up being fairly balanced all things considered. But there was one unique explanation that one player brought up about starting locations that was fairly interesting. Instead of focusing on the BG geography, he focused on the starting geography of the two factions.

The Horde starter zones are arranged much better than the Alliance ones 'physically' in-game, allowing all three races to meet and fight earlier than Alliance. This is a very big deal. The Barrens is a lvl 10-30 hot spot where everyone in the Horde comes together to learn to play together. The alliance is more schizophrenic geographically and with respect to flight points and logistics. Honestly the Alliance players aren't forced to play in a really organized way until the Deadmines, around lvl 18+ (although most people go sooner). Also, and perhaps most importantly, the Horde have a lower-level instance to start in (lvl 13) and more low-level instances (Wailing Caverns and the one in Orgrimar I just mentioned, name eludes me atm). I can hardly count the Alliance's stockades in Stormwind, it is by far the worst and least enjoyable instance in the game. [WoW, M, 34]

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