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Does Horde PWN Alliance in PvP? A Baker's Dozen of Possible Reasons

Psychological Factors

The final class of explanations are related to some of the factors we've seen already, but their reasoning is more psychological rather than organizational or due directly to game mechanics.

Taurens Are Scarier Than Gnomes

In terms of body size, the Horde size has a much higher average due to the normal sizes of the Undead, the Trolls, in addition to the larger size of the Orcs and the much larger size of the Taurens. The Alliance are on average shorter due to the Gnomes and Dwarves. One player had an interesting take on the psychological advantage of having a larger body size even though size in and of itself is not linked to any attribute or skill differences.

Personally I think its because of size of player models, It sounds dumb, but human nature if only subconsciously is frightened of large people/things. Imagine your an average sized character with 3 other average sized characters. Suddenly 3 giant Tauren warriors have charged among you and your 3 friends. So its 4 of u, vs 3 of them. Someone is liable to panic and fall back, just because the 3 huge guys suddenly among them gave them a start or made them worry. Now in the reverse your 3 medium characters and 3 gnome warriors rush in among you your going to look at the tiny guys and fight them hard and its very doubtful that someone will panic since gnomes aren't exactly the most frightening of opponents. [WoW, M, 21]

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