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Does Horde PWN Alliance in PvP? A Baker's Dozen of Possible Reasons

Entry Factors

Entry factors are about how different people choose to belong to different groups or factions in a game where this choice is offered. In WoW, one primary decision is in choosing between Alliance and Horde. The significance of entry factors is that they may create sustained personality or behavioral differences between the two groups. The most popular explanations for superior Horde performance in BGs fell into this category.

Alliance Attracts Noobs

Many respondents argued that players new to MMOs were more likely to choose Alliance because the character models more readily resonate with the "good guys" as portrayed in movies such as Lord of the Rings (i.e., human knights in armor and elven archers). And because new MMO players have less experience in raiding and coordination, the Alliance suffers from this in BGs.

WoW brought a LOT of new players to MMORPGs and many just went straight to Alliance because most people do not want naturally to be a bad guy. Experienced MMORPGers (who know that game/class/combat mechanics must be mastered, browse forums for tactics/add-ons, use TeamSpeak, etc.) are past that stage of 'I'll be a good guy and defend the Alliance against the Empire/Horde). Most, if not all, Horde I know come from that pool of vets. [WoW, M, 38]

Those who are new to the game will most likely roll a race that they can identify with, that would pretty much exclude any Horde class. Horde will tend to be veteran players. [WoW, M, 37]

The notion that more experienced players leave the Alliance for the Horde was expressed by several players.

Horde players are generally more experienced in the game than Alliance in every way. Most people start with alliance then switch to horde afterwards. The Horde players know the game better than the alliance. [EO, M, 29]

Alternatively, it is possible that most people start on Alliance side. At some point they want to change, and start Horde characters, and at this time they are much more experienced. So Horde guys have lower numbers but higher skills. [WoW, M, 38]

Alliance Attracts Younger / Immature Players

A related explanation was that Alliance attracts disproportionately younger or more immature players. Many of the arguments for why new players would be attracted to Alliance were repeated here.

The cause is generally younger players attracted to the 'pretty' characters. [WoW, M, 26]

It was presumed that the younger players had more interest in playing the 'pretty good guys' (they have the misconception that the horde side should be considered evil.) [WoW, M, 22]

It is this difference in maturity that some players attribute to the poor Alliance performance in BGs.

The Alliance tends to fall under the 'pretty' category, so we tend to get a bunch of people who care more for their appearance than for following orders and working as a team. They split up, disobey direct orders, refuse to join the raid, refuse to act as a team, and are, in general, self-centered. It has been observed even when they are in a raid group that they appear to have raid chat turned off and go their own way. They lack focus and discipline. Good groups are sharp, obedient, and have good leaders. [WoW, F, 24]

Younger people are not as mature and less likely to work together. On the other hand, Horde players tend to be older and more mature (and more likely to work together). Since teamwork is key in the BGs, the Horde is predisposed towards winning over the Alliance. [WoW, M, 33]

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