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In Their Own Words: The Achievement Component

The Grind

In fact, that sense of constant progress engineered by the behavioral conditioning of the game is so powerful that several players described the pleasure they derive from the grind.

When I became GM taming, after 7 months of constant taming (we're talking about several hours a day.. 10+ hours every single day almost 5 years ago). After I finally Grandmastered my animal taming, I was clueless as to what to do. I wound up creating a second tamer just to GM the skill over again (which I did). Now I'm working with a power scroll to become level 120 taming. [UO, F, 23]

There's a certain satisfaction to be had from levelling, I find. While there ARE things much more enriching and rewarding than mindless levelling, there's a certain.... feeling of zen to be found in the grind. I've spent hours on end in the same area, doing the same thing over and over, watching the exp bar creep slowly upwards... Just soloing, just me and the monsters. Strangely, it can be a nice way to unwind after a long day at work. Stock up on potions, set up the hotkeys, plan out the route you'll take, and go at it. A lot of people complain about hitting that bar to get the pellet, and I've done my share of complaining, too. I sometimes wish I could go faster, to get to the skills and areas and accolades that come with a high level... But the voyage is often just as important as the journey, no? And not every step is going to be fun and games. One has to make the most of it. [CoH, F 22]

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