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In Their Own Words: The Achievement Component

Power brings Recognition

Now, while some players desire to reach the end-game for their own enjoyment, others want to reach the end-game for a slightly different goal.

I basically play these games to become the most powerful force the game can allow. I want the best of the best items and people to truly respect my play style. I want to become a legend among players within the virtual mmorpg world! [DAoC, M, 25]

This player describes an achievement motivation that interacts with the community. Itís not the case he wants to become powerful for its own sake, but he desires power because power is respected and recognized by others.


The Achievement components in one way or another are centered over the underlying theme of power and different ways of harnessing and deriving satisfaction from power. Players who enjoy advancement and progress for its own sake derive satisfaction from gaining power over time. Others enjoy power because it is respected. The following players enjoy the derivation of power that results from competing with other players.

My primary goal is to be competitive in player vs. player combat; this doesn't include griefing, though I'm not afraid to use such tactics to dispense justice as I see fit. My desire to stay competitive drives me to want to level fast, min-max, and gain rare drops. Those things in themselves aren't important to me, and I'd really rather it weren't important to the game, but if I intend to be competitive I've got to do the work to have the fun. [WoW, M, 19]

People sometimes mention it's just a game and the point of it is to have fun, I reply that to me being the best is most fun. I have always been extremely competitive, i grew up with a brother who is very competitive, so i have been used to competition since birth. I am also a sportsman, i train Judo for a local club which pays me to keep training as long as I am winning. I have learned to find satisfaction in winning and love all games, board, sports and electronic games, because in all games u have winners and losers, when i win I have lots of fun, when i lose i am motivated to improve myself, and when i improve myself i have a lot of fun too. [WoW, M, 18]

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