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Ashraf Ahmed : real-world context can be inserted into a virtual world, effectively turning the virtual world into a forum for real-world contexts. ... [go]

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In Their Own Words: The Achievement Component


Notice that in several narratives above players explicitly talk about never wanting to reach the end-game because they consciously realize it is the constant progress they enjoy. Now contrast that theme with the following narratives that describe the opposite desire.

I hate leveling. That's why getting to the top is probably the most important factor. It's not that I enjoy being higher than everyone else, I just hate leveling. In WOW, the leveling is just training for post-level cap PVP, which is a great Idea. Quick Leveling and END GAME CONTENT! I also like to be able to play a good/niche roll in groups, but I like to be able solo as well. If I can't do both reasonably well, there's no point in playing. [WoW, M, 18]

I do level fast. When my guild played SWG I was known as the master power-leveler. It actually has little to do with my need to be Uber or powerful, I think it has almost nothing to do with being Uber. I most enjoy the Endgame. I rather hate grinding so I try and grind out as fast as possible so I can enjoy my character fully at its highest level. WoW is the first game I have found where 'leveling' has been enjoyable. In SWG I was a huge collector. I even manage a Loot Drop fan-site in WoW collecting is not that important to me as there is no house to decor. [WoW, M, 31]

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